New 24 m HD Tower project on-going with JK antenna stack.

Since Sept 2017 we have been working on configuring the new 24 m HD Alu tower that we installed just after the vacations. The mast weights about 1200 kg and is cable of 2 square meter of antenna load without any guying!

The tower will carry two JK 2015 antennas in a stack. An electric winsch that is remote controlled adds to the flexibility of the tower.


Drilling a new tower base on a rock

Building a tower base on regular soil is a relatively easy task. But what if the “soil” is hard uneven rock?

Here is a photo of  my situation. The starting point is an uneven rock measuring 1,6 x 1,6 meters. The blue stand offs are the old tower base.

The challenge is how to drill vertically over 16 holes 30 cm  into the rock? Professionals do it by big diamond cutters/drill machines that are vertically positioned. Hilti, Huskvarna etc makes these. However, this requires a flat surface to mount these on. So it wont work in my situation…:(

So use a regular SDS Max drill and attach a horizontal libel (see photo below).


This is how it is done. Of course you would need a steel template for the hole pattern to allow you to drill vertically.

This is how it looked out when all completed.