How to configure WL CSS for flexradio (or other radios or no radio at all)

Here is screenshots for the process after downloading the demo or an actual licsence. Some hints along the way:

  1. Always start CSS script before WL and close it after WL is closed.
  2. When you start CSS script (after configuring it for your needs) you will se messages in the message window and you can see if it is working.
  3.    If you use Flex audio virtual cables (DAX link) it all gets very easy to configure CSS:

Here are the window screens in crinological order as you would see when you configure and start-up i) CSS and finally ii) WL.

Final assembly of the new JK2015 stack

With help of my son Oliver SA5ODJ we finally could assembly the first of the JK2015 antennas.


Here just on ground at 2 meters height. Below the nice flat elements showing good element design with no sag.


The complete antenna on ground. We did this to find the optimum balance point for the boom to mast plate.

Then time to assemble onto the tower mast.




It takes 10 000 hours to be best they say….

It is common knowledge among trainers and researchers that it seems to take 10 000 hours to be best in many areas like music, sports etc and I guess CW is closely related to this empiric fact.

So we need to practice. There are many methods on CW  – here is a new one I discovered made by NO5W – “the Pileupnetplayer”. I just started a session on Dayton 2017 and here are the results compared to the best in class (at least those who there ).

At top you see the best player at Dayton an bottom my scores.