I have tested this new concept for about two years now. And I can see it really works. As well as my other beverages.

Close up of the mast and the wires.
The three guying levels on a 10 meter high fibre mast.
Side view of the SAL-30.

My remote set-up

This is the actual home base set-up. Expect the station monitors you may take with you on travel all these stuff.

My home base for remote ham radio. A Flex Maestro panel and a Vibroplex keyer besides a standard Window 7 computer with two monitors.

This has evolved over the years. Here is a schematic over it:

Schematic over my set-up at the radio at the remote location.

Welcome to the world of remote DX-ing and Contesting

I have been doing remote DX-inf for about five years and remote contesting for about a year. This blog will focus on enhancements to the remoting that have evolved over the last years due to internet technology.

with the new technology achievements you can easily integrate stations and accessories together ┬áin a way that was difficult say five years ago. This also means you can easily change your layout and expand it without spending an awful lot of time on “debugging”.